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Photoshooting – Behind the scenes

June 14, 2019 News

Photographer Jernej Šuligoj (Mad+Mono) and video producer Uroš Rojc (IoCreative Agency) were assigned to photograph and record Princess Lona’s every move on her first voyage since December 2018. Preparations and planning were a bit tricky because there was some uncertanty about weather conditions in the following shooting days.


Renovation phase completed

June 1, 2019 News

Princess Lona underwent a complete exterior and interior renovation in 2019. Both engines were disassembled and refurbished, electrical wiring and lightning was reinstalled and upgraded. The whole exterior was repainted and a new fiberglass flybridge with additional controls was added on top. A new set of SIMRAD marine navigation instruments was installed as well.

When it comes to interior Princess Lona is now very different from original Tecnomar product. The redesign was primarily focused on functionality and quality materials. It combines a modern minimalist style with an open plan lounge area, large bedrooms and spacious bathrooms.

As a one of the kind superyacht, Princess Lona in now ready and waiting for new adventures at sea.